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Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Towers


Cooling Towers are devices that are mainly used to shift process waste heat dissipation. Cooling towers are required in power stations, chemical plants, oil refineries and also for chillers for centrally air condition buildings. These towers use either wet-bulb air temperature or dry-bulb air temperature. The wet-bulb uses evaporation for remove waste heat and the dry-bulb relies on air for cooling. The towers differ in sizes from roof-top units to big hyperboloid structure. Sophisticated cooling towers built with cutting technology are required in nuclear power plants.

Due to various industrial requirements, there has been immense development in the fields of manufacturing cooling towers. The induced draft counter flow cooling towers is the latest development that required a lot of design analysis, detailed research and engineering inputs. The design and manufacturing has helped in saving a substantial amount of space, power consumption as well as water consumption. Thus it is needless to say that this tower has been a product or state of the art technology and it is mostly used for industrial purposes following the Indian environment.

The induced draft counter flow cooling towers has very high performance and the design makes it one of the most compatible cooling towers available in the market. Here are some of the features mentioned:

• The cooling tower fills are made of PVC which is computer designed and offers maximum dissipation    area and optimum airflow draft. Thus it consumes less power and saves on your annual electricity    expenses.

• The fan blades of this cooling tower have been designed in aerodynamic and tapered shape that    pertains to high efficiency. The fans assembly has been dynamically balanced in order to offer    synchronized functioning, smooth operation as well as prolonged durability for the motor and    bearings.

• The FRP laminates that are provided are of superior quality and the isothelic resin improves the    stamina of the casing shell that helps in reducing the vibrations and in turn ensures prolonged life for    the Tower.

• The tower has UV ray protection that is done by NPG or Neo Penta Glycol gelcoat finish. This provides    an aesthetic look to the cooling tower.

This cooling tower rotary sprinkler and have honey comb PVC fills that helps in dissipation of heat. The induced draft counter flow cooling towers have square shapes. This enables fair distribution of the airflow. The induced draft square is absolutely silent and is used for their efficiency and high performance.

The square shape of the FRP induced draft cooling towers is compact and silent. These features facilitate low speed of air around the air inlet which in turn fairly distributes the airflow. The FRP induced draft is light weight but very sturdy. It has high efficiency and very low level of noise. The outside of the tower has UV protection as well as corrosion resistant coating that ensures prolonged life of the cooling tower. Because of its scientific design the tower saves water and electricity. The maintenance of the tower is very easy and the structure is durable enough to withstand harsh climatic condition. This tower can be build with various types of fill materials (i.e. film type & splash fill) such as

1. Concrete Lath Bars (These are made of RCC by pre-stress precast).

2. Wooden/PVC Lath bars.

3. PVC Film type fills.

4. PVC Splash Fills of perforated ā€˜Vā€™ Bars.

Depending upon the requirement of the cooling range & pumping head type of fills can be selected.

We are having tie-ups with mid size civil execution companies, thermal designers, civil designers & cooling tower component manufacturers. So we can provide any kind of services in the field of Induced Draft Cooling Tower.

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